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Here is a brief description of Danny Phantom's main characters:


Danny Fenton/Phantom: the main character, a 14 year old teen that got ghost powers in an accident in his parents' lab,now half ghost he uses his powers to fight ghosts and defend his city of Amity Park.


Tucker Foley: a technological geek,One of Danny's best friends, he is obsessed with technology and girls, he is one of the only ones that know about Danny's powers.


Samantha "Sam" Manson: a goth girl, she is one of Danny's best friends, she has feelings for Danny, she is a vegetarian and defends animal rights, she is one of the only ones that know about Danny's powers.


Vlad Masters/Plasmius: Danny Phantom's archenemy, he has loved Danny's mother since he was in college but got ecto-acne and became half ghost just like danny by an accident with his old friend Jack fenton with a ghost portal prototype. he uses his power by his grief and often want to destroy jack fenton to be with Maddie Fenton. he lives in Winsconsin.

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