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Save Danny Phantom

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I created this site in 2006 upon the rumors of Danny Phantom's cancellation. to change Nickelodion's minds and so they see that there are fans out there that are getting dissappointed by this decition. Danny Phantom is as far one of the best cartoons Nick has. After 6 years of this website's existence it has experienced unexpected growth making it the number one result on Google for save Danny Phantom which has lead to the revival of this site and thus the revival of our campaign to bring Danny Phantom back on air someday. This website shall serve as a community for Danny Phantom fans around the globe to come together and use their voice to bring back Danny Phantom and to remember the good times Danny brought to their lives.

This site is copyrightę of Save Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom and all characters and places are copyrightę of Nicktoons « 2005-2006, and created by Butch Hartman.